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About Us


We are networking the general public in a grass roots quest to help each other build wellness by planning Wellness Action Plans. Wellness includes natural pain relief and has three modes in our model; a Fun mode, a Self-Help mode, and a Business mode.

This network process is lead by a semi retired multidimensional chiropractor, but is not chiropractic care in it's orientation. Read our Goal page for a better understanding of our wellness position.


Who We Are
Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette has been a chiropractor in Ontario, Canada for more than 40 years helping people manage pain naturally and learn Optimal Health Secrets. He has been learning the science secrets of Spinal Manipulation Therapy, Nutrition Supplement Therapy, Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Therapy, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Fitness Therapy, and Sports Injury Therapy. He has put it all together in a program to help people help themselves. Health care professionals have secrets. These secrets can be gained by everyone. It starts with the same kind of assessment that medical, and other health specialists, use to gain accurate relevant information. The assessment is done online at TheQ.ca for a very reasonable price.

Dr. Ouellette is a wellness coach, instructor, consultant, guide, helping people with pain and wellness strategies. Five parts of our wellness model include the Wellness Calculator assessment, Wellness Web Workshops, the Wellness Action Plan, free WellnessActionPlanner Meetups, and our Wellness House Call Service in designated Southern Ontario locations.

Some of our documents and services are free, some cost a little money, and some cost professional level fees. Some are covered by health care insurance plans.

Speed healing is our specialty. Those people at the point where they are willing to do everything and anything, can achieve wonders. For them, we can perform seeming miracles. It takes the right attitude and that attitude can be learned.

Come join us and find where your true wellness health potential is. Find out about the FoodPainConnection, the WellnessWithPain connection, and Health Advice Therapy.

See our paper:

Ask for our free paper:
“Some professional level determinations that need to be made.”

Some of our web links

Thids is a good place to start. OptimalHealthSecrets.com/library.html#wrm

or at LifestyleHelp.ca

Our Two Workbooks
Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Second Edition, and
Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet Second Edition.