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Wellness Recovery

What Is Lost Can Be Found
Investing in Your Future

Start planning your wellness actions today.

We are Wellness Action Plan Focussed.

Send this link to friends.  https://WellnessActionPlanner.com/wellnessrecovery.html

The two phases of wellness recovery are recovering wellness that has been lost, and improving wellness that is been found. Most people need both phases. We can help with that.

Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillar Wellness Recovery program accomplishes both phases by first measuring and then putting numbers to each of Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets and several other important clinical indicators. Thirty eight wellness scores are provided for guidance toward scientific wellness strategies.

Our wellness workshops are intense programs to both help people recover wellness, and improve wellness to an optimal health level.

Wellness Recovery, Dr. Ouellette’s Five Pillar Wellness Improvement Program.
What Is Lost Can Be Found

People come into Dr. Ouellette's wellness recovery, or wellness improvement program either voluntarily all on their own, or by being referred by somebody else, either a healthcare practitioner or a friend.

The first step is to be measured for Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets and some other clinical measures including Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet. Measurement is done online at https://TheQ.ca/register.php for a very nominal fee. The 38 scores people receive tell the story about wellness progression and where people should prioritize their wellness recovery efforts, or wellness improvement efforts.

Where should your wellness efforts go?
Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize, Motivate

Help is available in the form of wellness workshops to improve score numbers. Wellness workshops are where one-on-one wellness consulting and instructing occurs.

Most of us are well when we are born then lose some measure of wellness as we interact in the physical world. Getting that wellness back is what we, and the Five Pillar Wellness Program, are all about. We use science as our guide but, also include medicine based evidence, best professional opinion, and the client's wishes to guide us. There are secrets to learn. Science shows us the way. We just have to listen to the science then put the science into action in a Wellness Action Plan. That action plan can be found in a 35 page Wellness Report of Findings people get when they sign up for a wellness workshop.

The Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets are Nutrition, Exercise, Spinal Health, Rest & Relaxation and Attitude & Perspective in life. These are the minimum necessary for optimal health and the recovery of wellness. Our wellness recovery program does not touch on disease processes or addiction processes. People needing professional level healthcare help have ample opportunity to get that help from the various professions in our community.

Become a Wellness Action Planner. Create your free account today then login, go to the PayPal portal, follow the instructions, then complete Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator. You should receive your Wellness Progress Chart by email somewhere within the hour.

Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize, Motivate


The Wellness Progression Curve
Wellness recovery progresses into wellness improvement. As people learn more and recover their wellness, they progress into a steady improvement of better and better multidimensional wellness. The multidimensional aspect is important for optimal health. The most important wellness factors people can control themselves are Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets.

These pillars are all measured in Dr. Ouellette's Wellness Knowledge Calculator online at TheQ.ca. Wellness recovery comes to the Wellness Action Planner when they complete items in their Wellness Action Plan. Planning is the source of improvements and humans plan better than any other animal because they think better than any other animal. You can get started right now at https://TheQ.ca/register.php.

We help people get started with wellness recovery through information at https://WellnessActionPlanner.com/wellnessrecovery.html. It's natural therapy people deliver to themselves. We provided additional Wellness Workshops as people feel they need it. Wellness Workshops include a 35 page Wellness Report of Findings and a Wellness Action Plan customised for the client.

The client follows the process as follows.

Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize, Wellness Actions

Our process is to provide the: Measure, Assessment, Identify, Prioritize, Motivation. It's the motivation part we are good at.


Have Pain?

Need an Assessment on Travelling With Pain? https://www.wellnesswithpain.com/travelling-with-pain.html

Need Optimal Health Secrets?

Wellness Recovery, the Five Pillar Program including natural pain relief and Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet, the clean burning diet that does it all boosting blood flow for better health and wellness. It’s a program to help people help themselves with wellness strategies they can do at home.

Boosting blood flow is where it's all at with Wellness. We have a multidimensional multi-professional approach including a diet to boost blood flow and cutting edge science on the best most effective way to lose weight with exercise and/or gain physical fitness.
- - - - - - -

Wellness recovery is for people who wish to recover from events of physical poor health, emotional poor health, or mental poor health. All parts of the body require improved blood flow for recovery. Our goal is to help people boost multidimensional blood flow and help them relieve pain naturally. It’s wellness recovery self-help at its best, the best of the best, and you can tap into it now.

There are two-prongs to our wellness recovery program. First phase would be injury, disease, or pain recovery and from there, the second phase is improving wellness even more. People who already consider themselves ‘well’ already can usually become more well. We show how.

Wellness Recovery Workup
A service we can be of particular help with involves giving a second opinion to people who are waiting on distant medical care, or wish to be evaluated more thoroughly in the natural healthcare industry. People who are failing to respond to medical care, while waiting for prolonged medical treatment may consider this service. We are suggesting that in addition to a medical workup people most often need a Wellness Recovery Workup as well. We can help with that.

One of the problems we have recognized in our community with regard to wellness, disability, workplace injuries, non workplace injury, or sickness etc., is the unrecognized role that food plays in pain and disability syndromes. We offer a wellness recovery workup to scout out and delve into nutritional related issues in addition to other important clinical indicators in the natural healthcare industry. People who wish to explore this option can choose our multidimensional Wellness Knowledge Calculator for a thorough online evaluation then enrol in a wellness workshop.


The Dietary Wellness Plan for 2017 and the next Ten Years

  • Completely eliminate all gluten foods, dairy products, red meats and more. Most people know about those already. Learn all ten poison food groups. 
  • Consume fish and birds only in smaller amounts.
  • If you wish to be an environmentalist (not everyone does), then the prevailing opinion is to cut all the meats and dairy products out of your diet and go vegan completely. However, you must realize that going alone as a vegan is like a drop of rain in a rain barrel. That one drop will raise the level of water in the rain barrel a small amount, but raise it, it will for sure. Ah, yes, it's difficult but, it's very rewarding to feel like you are accomplishing something for yourself and the world at the same time.
  • If you need help with this then please contact us and ask.

If you want to make a real large environmental difference then you have to encourage others to also become vegan and thus, reduce the production of the methane footprint on the world, the effect of which will be to slow global warming to a significant degree, fast, more than 200 times what reducing carbon dioxide will and so much faster. The methane link is really the only reason we recommend vegan.

If you don't want to become an environmentalist then just reduce your own waste in order to save money, change your diet toward a more clean burning diet in order to boost blood flow, and exercise effectively to also boost blood flow and massage the endocrine hormonal system. An interval exercise routine would be the smartest physical way to start right away.

If all you want to do right now is find a way to start natural pain relief, then we have that covered. Get in touch with us.

Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Obesity, Anti Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet, the diet that does it all, is a good diet to start. Make it a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet.


At the present time our program is available only in English. If you want to help the world with wellness now at home, then translate the text of this article into your own language and send it to   today. We will post it in as many languages as we can get. It will make you feel good.


Need HELP?
Contact us at  . Tell us what you need.


Want a multidimensional wellness measurement test to get your 38 wellness scores? We call it the Wellness Knowledge Calculator.


Wellness Tip
If you want to build muscle as a senior citizen, there is a secret that science shows us and its all about progression. If you want to lose weight using exercise, then there is a secret that science also shows us and its all about how you do it. If you want to normalize endocrine hormones there is a double secret. And, if you want to learn a calm relaxation, then there are numerous secrets.

https://OptimalHealthSecrets.com is all about multidimensional wellness, how to measure it, and then what to do to improve your 38 wellness scores.

To learn all the secrets you first need to get measured.


Wellness Workshops
Once you are measured you will know where you should be going. We can help you with that. Take our wellness workshop and get your Wellness Action Plan and Wellness Report of Findings.


In-House Wellness Consultant/Instructor
Businesses can train an In-House Wellness Consultant/Instructor. Contact us for information on this option to have your own Wellness Consultant/Instructor readily available for your management, workers and clientele.


Resources to Begin Learning About Worldwide Social Wellness

Two good resources to start would be as follows. Both are on Netflix at this time.

Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore, 2015 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4897822/

Requiem for the American Dream,  Noam Chomsky, 2015 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3270538/