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ChooseWellness Web Form

See our Confidentiality notice below.

You can see that there is really no information to identify you if you use an anonymous email address.
It's just for our internal planning.

NEW Protocol

Please contact us to learn how to enrol in the Wellness Risk Management Statistical Research program.

Worried about confidentiality?
We keep all contacts in the strictest of confidence.

Still worried?
We'll show you how to ENSURE confidentiality just to show you we are serious about it.

- - - - - - -
(Disclaimer: We don't have any affiliation with anonymous sites. We don't derive any income from anonymous web sites, or own any of their stock if they happen to offer any.)
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You can initiate a Two step process depending on whether you want to hide your IP address too.

Step 1.

Go to any anonymous email creation web site and take out an anonymous email address. Use that email address when communicating with us. (You can go to any anonymous generating web site actually.)

Step 2. (optional)

Purchase a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to hide your IP address as well.


The Wellness Calculator is already anonymous and it is our site too.