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Web Site Wellness Goal

Next Step
Further Understanding
Our Approach
Obtaining and Action Plan


This Web Site Goal

Our goal with this web site is to provide a list of the MeeUp Venues where people can go to network in person. People can choose the Fun module, the Self-help module or the Business module and discuss whatever is on their mind with other members.

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Wellness tools measure wellness and

help people achieve their action plan items.

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Wellness is measured using a multidimensional, multi factorial professional level questionnaire process that asks a client for voluntary information in an anonymous fashion. Information is asked that most all health care professionals also ask of their patients.

Questions in the Wellness Calculator are organised into three broad modules.

Dr. Ouellette's Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets

Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Obesity, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Wellness Diet

Several additional important clinical measures

- Clinical Red Flags
- Clinical Yellow flags
- Depression and suicide risk screening
- Antioxidant needs screening
- Osteoporosis risk screening
- FoodPainConnection screening
- etc.

Information is asked where it is know a client can improve upon themselves. Drug information is not asked for as that falls into the professional level licenced health care field. Voluntary information is graded, prioritised and delivered in a Wellness Progress Chart with 38 wellness categories that many different health care professionals can use, and the general public can use as well.

From that point a client can begin helping themselves with a level of confidence in what their immediate needs are as assessed by an experienced health care clinician.


The Next Step

The next step for the client is to put into action what is learned. That is not as easy as it sounds. To that end Wellness Web Workshops are available that provide three further tools for efficient wellness progress toward optimal health and wellness.

A thorough Wellness Report of Findings on each of the 38 scores is provided that indicates what each score means, what most people get, and what a red flag level is. This allows people to compare themselves to others, something a lot of people enjoy doing.

An eight item Wellness Action Plan is provided as well so the client can have some direction as to where and how to start on a wellness roadway.

And finally, optional, direct, one-on-one Wellness Web Workshop sessions can be provided with a narrow mandate to help the client complete each Action Plan item selected for them by the computer algorithm. When action plan items are all completed an additional set of eight prioritised Action Plan items is provided. And so on, until the best wellness is reach that the client can achieve.

Wellness workshop sessions (and this web site), are not designed to provide health care information. That information is contained in the Wellness Report of Findings and is selected by a computer algorithm based on score results. Workshop sessions focus on action plan items. Thus, international standardisation is assured.


More contact is available.

Weekly MeetUps in selected cities are arranged.

Wellness House Call Service can be purchased.


To Further Understand Our Process

If you evaluate what the healthcare professional does you will see the following. They will do a consultation which includes the case history. They will do a series of special examinations pertinent to their specialty, they will order a series of special tests, then they will come to a diagnosis based on their findings. A treatment intervention will follow based on the diagnosis.

That’s all pretty standard procedures nowadays in modern healthcare. The problem is each individual medical specialty has their own special consultation their own special examination, their own special tests, and they come to their own special conclusions. This system is very costly when a patient needs to see multiple specialists, which is quite often the case, and it is very time consuming waiting for all these specialists.


Our approach to Self-Help Wellness

Our approach is to help people stay out of the specialists office in the first place by borrowing on the consultations of many specialists. Analysing our approach one can see that what we have done in the Wellness Calculator is take the consultations of many specialties and ask the same questions they ask in those specialty consultations. We do this in our Wellness Calculator. We don’t do examinations, we don’t do special tests, we don’t make diagnoses, but we do make recommendations based on what science has to say about the answers the client left on our comprehensive, anonymous wellness calculator. All recommendations are pre-written and contained in our calculator algorithm. We only need to know a range that a score falls into in order offer a customised recommendation.

Our grading scale allows the client to see where they’re at, to see how they compare with other people on 38 scores, to see what their red flag scores are, and thus, gain guidance into where to start first on the roadway to optimal health and wellness.

We know that medical doctors use medicine-based evidence in their consultations, evidence-based medicine from their examinations and their special tests, come to best professional opinions, and integrate the patient’s wishes in their final decisions. Self-Help wellness strategies do not require all four of those steps. What Self-Help wellness requires is leadership from science so the client can make intelligent informed decisions for themselves. We provide that leadership in our program. The first step is to get measured. Our wellness calculator does that nicely.

The next step is to get help in actually putting Wellness Action Plans into play. Wellness MeetUps and Wellness Web Workshops offer that help.


Obtaining an Action Plan

Individualised, customised and prioritised Action Plans are located in a client's Wellness Report of Findings that is created by the Wellness Knowledge Calculator algorithm after a client submits their answers on the web questionnaire at TheQ.ca. The Wellness Report of Findings is found in Wellness Workshops, but can also be purchased separately on our web store pay page. Please inquire for additional information.