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A Note from Dr. Ouellette

See our PDF document on Why People Need Help with Optimal Health Wellness.


There are a lot of people looking for wellness. Some of those people have pain, some have no pain. Our goal is to help both. We are developing a business to help people learn multidimensional wellness strategies. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the Internet, and also from various kinds of healthcare providers as well. We consult with people to direct them in the direction to gain natural pain relief and natural self-help wellness. We have several tools to that end and are building local MeetUps to help people share their knowledge on wellness.

In order to plan more efficiently we would like some information on our members. You can remain anonymous if you like. Please fill out our ChooseWellness Form.

People in pain have different wellness needs from people with no pain. People in CRISIS pain have a large number mind-set issues to deal with. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not want to make changes. We are here to help gently prod people in the correct direction for natural optimal health wellness.

Teaching self-help strategies and providing wellness consulting services is what we do. We have several wellness tools to that end (ten so far). People can start on their own at TheQ.ca.