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Wellness Recovery

Corporate Program

Our MO is to Measure, Assess, Identify, Prioritize and Motivate.

This web page is for business management personnel involved with establishing wellness programs.

Our Five Pillar Wellness Program measures wellness then calculates 38 numerical scores to wellness, each as a percentage of optimal wellness. We then offer Wellness Workshops to help people improve their numbers. The goal is to help clients  measure, assess, identify, prioritize and motivate for multidimensional wellness actions.

  1. As a company's ongoing wellness services help people with various aspects of wellness, our services help document the improvements and point out future priorities. Our program, and a company's present ongoing wellness programs, are quite complementary.
  2. It's the numbers we put to multidimensional wellness we feel is unique with our program.
  • Our computer algorithm measures, assesses, identifies, and prioritize wellness needs based on answers given online to a thorough, comprehensive Wellness Knowledge Calculator.
  • Wellness Workshops provide the motivation to complete all Wellness Action Plan items and improve wellness scores.
  • Wellness Actions that improve wellness, are the methods people use to gain wellness recovery and optimal health wellness.
  • The Five Pillar Wellness Recovery Program will complement wellness services companies already offer.
  • Our process is to ask questions online and use the answers to from the basis for a Wellness Report of Findings that includes a Wellness Action Plan. As people complete their action plan items they recover their wellness. The next time they take the Wellness Knowledge Calculator in three months time, they will be showing improvement toward optimal health on their scores.


The Wellness Pillars
Companies often pick very similar wellness pillars than we have since we started putting our protocols together in the 1970's. Our goals may blend very well. Our program is based on science and can represent another tool in a company's service bundle to promote multidimensional wellness.

Wellness Instructor Trainer Program
We have a Wellness Instructor Trainer program designed to establish a onsite Wellness Consultant/Instructor in any business. Our wellness program does not include any health care professions or promote any specific professions.



Wellness Recovery Workup
A service we can be of particular help with involves giving a second opinion to people who are waiting on distant medical care, or wish to be evaluated more thoroughly in the natural healthcare industry. People who are failing to respond to medical care, while waiting for prolonged medical treatment may consider this service. We are suggesting that in addition to a medical workup people most often need a Wellness Recovery Workup as well. We can help with that.

One of the problems we have recognized in our community with regard to wellness, disability, workplace injuries, non workplace injury, or sickness etc., is the unrecognized role that food plays in pain and disability syndromes. We offer a wellness recovery workup to scout out and delve into nutritional related issues in addition to other important clinical indicators in the natural healthcare industry. People who wish to explore this option can choose our multidimensional Wellness Knowledge Calculator for a thorough online evaluation then enrol in a wellness workshop.



Please contact us at   for more information on protocols for wellness clients and for how to establish an in-house Wellness Consultant/Instructor Program. We can build a collaborative wellness effort. The web site we have started to build for wellness clients to view is at https://wellnessactionplanner.com/wellnessrecovery.html