Senior Residence Sharing

Seniors Living Here, Living There

This page is for Senior Citizens who would like to participate in planning independent Senior  Residences Sharing. Seniors sharing residence accommodation seems a reasonable alternative to living on one's own.

For Men and Women

Senior Residence Sharing

Planning our Independent Senior Residence

This web site is for people between 60 and 75 who may wish to investigate shared, but independent living. We would like to live in Canada as a home base, a Southern location possibly Costa Rica due to it's political stability and excellent health care, and a European location. We are thinking possibly 6 months in Canada, 3 months in Costa Rica, and 3 months in Southern France.

See our Qualifications page please.

Please refresh this page regularly to load new content. This site was opened Sunday January 11, 2015.

To inaugurate this site we have one 66 year old male looking for 3 other seniors to investigate a residence. We are looking for a stable long term living situation. Let's meet every Tuesday at the Symposium Cafe at 304 Stone Road W., Guelph, ON, at 6:30 PM just before the Guelph WellnessActionPlanner meetup starts.

We are looking for fit and well seniors who are independent and can take care of themselves in a residential home.

People needing assisted living have options available elsewhere in our communities. We kindly direct them to those government services.

We are organising the pooling of resources.

We are developing categories for our ideal living situation. We want to hear from more people. What is the best for the following?

Building structure in Canada

  • Number of people in one unit. 4, 6?
  • The question of furniture 
  • Meal and grocery organisation 
  • House cleaning
  • Grounds keeping
  • House repair needs
  • Energy conservation needs
  • How Green do we want to be?
  • Financial needs 
  • Work needs in gainful employment 
  • Privacy needs 
  • Social needs 
  • Gaining fitness and maintaining fitness - How do we measure it? 
  • What sacrifices are we willing to make? 
  • What are we not willing to sacrifice? 
  • Screening potential roomates
  • Wellness assessment

Building Structure abroad

  •  Pretty much the same things


Join us and see our more complete list and the initial draft of our solutions. Get in on the ground floor of our organisation. Make your ideas known.